2D – Sheep Stealer

Posing character design

Sheep Design

Posing sheep design

Three different areas


Different buildings



During the last six months of my final study year in Isart Digital school, we had to create a video game from scratch. Team was created: 4 game designers and 2 game artists.

You can see here my own 3D design for this game.


The Sheep Stealer is an action strategy game based on the duplicity of its participants’ gameplay. Players will have to cooperate in order to win. But one of them will work against the rest of the group without arousing suspicion.


Players play in a wild prehistoric world constituted of three distinct areas: Grassland, Desert and Volcanic.


The players control 4 Shepards whose purpose is to score points by bringing sheep in enclosures. But one of the them is a Thief who will secretly raise points by stealing these Sheep before they are secured.

You can scroll to see more designs of the Sheeps, Shepherds, environements and upgradable buildings available in the game.